Welcome to Tanky-Tank!

Tanky-Tank is an arcade-style, top-down, tank combat game. It's currently being developed by a number of former residents of Anne Arundel Hall at the University of Maryland for the sheer joy of creating a computer game.

Although Tanky-Tank is not yet finished, it is still very playable. Current features include fast-paced LAN/internet multiplayer, six different tanks, hand-drawn artwork, a working map editor, team and capture-the-flag play, and several difficulties of A.I. players.

Please feel free to download the game (it's free!) and give us your feedback!


 Latest news...

At long last, a new version of Tanky-Tank has been released! Here are the changes: - Halftrack has been reverted to the old minelaying version. - Hopefully fixed crash bug on startup. - Hopefully fixed crash bug when the terrain shadow texture fills up. - Upgraded to .Net 4.0. - Misc performance improvements.